Chapter 8. Global variables

Table of Contents

1. "Constant" variables
1.1. $xmlrpcerruser
1.2. $xmlrpcI4, $xmlrpcInt, $xmlrpcDouble, $xmlrpcString, $xmlrpcDateTime, $xmlrpcBase64 , $xmlrpcArray, $xmlrpcStruct, $xmlrpcValue
1.3. $xmlrpcTypes, $xmlEntities, $xmlrpcerr, $xmlrpcstr, $xmlrpcerrxml, $xmlrpc_backslash, $_xh, $xml_iso88591_Entities
2. Variables whose value can be modified
2.1. xmlrpc_defencoding
2.2. xmlrpc_internalencoding
2.3. xmlrpcName
2.4. xmlrpcVersion

Many global variables are defined in the file. Some of those are meant to be used as constants (and modifying their value might cause unpredictable behaviour), while some others can be modified in your php scripts to alter the behaviour of the xml-rpc client and server.